The Story Behind VITA

加拿大快乐8开奖网站 VITA stands for "Life" in Italian, which is what our restaurant values the most. We source most of our ingredients from the Cal Poly Pomona farms as well as other local farms because we believe in supporting small businesses and reducing our carbon footprint. 

VITA is a place where people from all over the world, of all backgrounds gather together and share their love for unforgettable experiences,  modern yet classic ambiances and good food. 

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Meet the Team

VITA Executive Chef, David Wolfskill


Chef David Wolfskill joins VITA Italian Bar & Grill as their Executive Chef, overseeing an impressive culinary team.  Chef Wolfskill’s 30 years of Culinary expertise has spanned leading eateries from Northern to Southern California and now Chef David brings his passion for modern Italian fare to VITA, where he is tasked with delivering the authentic flavors of Italy.
Chef David, having spent over 15 years abroad, in Spain, where he was able to hone his skills, while experiencing the very best that Spain has to offer in its rich agriculture & wine making heritage, holding various leadership roles, while working side by side some of the most celebrated Chef’s from the finest restaurants throughout Spain’s popular cities of Madrid & Alicante, and Baleares, located among the many Islands off the Coast of Spain.

Chef David initially cut his Culinary teeth through 15 years of apprenticeships in numerous top restaurants throughout San Francisco, achieving various leadership roles. Chef David’s most recent assignment, was as the Chef de Cuisine role at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles, where this leadership role had him overseeing the iconic Hotel's 5 restaurants, including the locally revered, Smeraldies, Millenniums tribute restaurant to modern Italian cuisine. Continuing his culinary journey, Chef David is delighted to pour his creativity, zest for contemporary Italian cuisine, and love for fresh, farm-to-table fare into his work at VITA, which sources most of its ingredients from the Cal Poly Pomona and other locally owned and operated farms & businesses.